Services for Businesses

Not all businesses are alike, but many face similar problems.

Corporate Investigations include matters of theft or fraud, misconduct, breaches of trademark or copyright, and other areas of commercial crime. Other investigations might encompass accident or workplace incidents.

Competitive Intelligence services focus on acquiring actionable intelligence into the activities of your competitors.

Corporate Counter-Espionage services target active hostile, and often illegal, actions undertaken by competitors or other parties. We believe this is a growing and under-reported threat to New Zealand businesses, both here and abroad.

Security Consulting services focus on providing proactive solutions before potential issues become actual problems. 

All of our services are tailored to the specific nature of your problem in order to provide cost-effective solutions and achieve timely results that matter.

We also currently act as the local investigative agent for a number of insurance companies.

If there is anything you wish to discuss, in complete confidence, please call us on 0800 555 795 or contact us by email