Why are you now charging for initial consultations?

We are happy to discuss your matter free of charge by phone or email to determine whether or not we can be of assistance but, after that, the initial consultation will be charged as a $250.00 (inc. GST) flat fee. This is payable at time of consultation.

The consultation itself is obligation-free.

However, if you do go on to retain our services, the consultation fee will be credited towards your account.

You said your initial consultation is obligation-free?

Yes, that is correct, the initial consultation implies no obligation on your part to retain our services. You may change your mind or decide to go with another provider. If you do decide to retain our services, you will enter into an investigation contract with us.

How much does it cost to...?*

Everything depends on the specific nature of your case. We charge either by an hourly rate, a set-fee, or some combination of the two depending on the proposed length and complexity of investigation.

Our standard charges for one-off investigations or clients are as following (all prices are in NZ$ and *exclude* 15% GST):

Time-based Rates
  • Standard hourly rate: $120.00 plus expenses. Our standard rate for whatever we do.
  • Daily rate (10 hours): $900.00 plus expenses.
  • Weekly rate (5 days): $4000.00 plus expenses.
    • Surveillance hourly rate: $180.00 (2 person team) plus expenses. Additional team-members $80.00

    Set-fee Services
    • Document Service: $120.00 (flat fee). Includes up to 3 attempts and return of sworn affidavit of service. Costs for national and international service will vary.
    • Field Visit:  $120.00 flat fee for attendance to given address to conduct enquiries on behalf.
    • Domestic Tracing: $250.00 base fee for standard initial enquiries.**
    • International Tracing: $500.00 base fee for standard initial enquiries.**
    ** Further enquiries charged at standard hourly rate and other expenses may be incurred.  

      • Mileage: $1.00/km  (ex-office/return) for work outside metropolitan areas only.
      • Other Expenses:  $varies. Expenses may include charges for hire of technical surveillance, incurred costs for non-routine database enquiries, specialist services required etc. Approval for expenses normally sought first where not discussed in advance.

      For lengthy, or complex, investigations - or for frequent clients - we generally are able to offer preferential rates.

      In most cases a retainer will be expected before we begin work on your case. This will be discussed at the initial meeting.


      Yes, but how much does it cost to...?

      A very rough guide to expectation of costs, based on previous cases completed, are as follows:

      • Locating someone - $300-$700
      • Physical surveillance on an individual (1 evening) - $450-$600
      • 'Peace of Mind' investigation  - $2000+
      • Workplace investigation (interviews only) - $500-$900 
      • Workplace investigation (temporary covert CCTV installation etc) - $2000-$3500
      • Locate 3-4 Witnesses and obtain written statements - $1200-$1800
      • Background Check (depending on detail required) - $600-$1500
      • Security Audit (small business) - $1500

      Pricing is ultimately determined by a number of factors including case complexity, desired outcome, length of time actively engaged and solutions employed.

      What is the difference between a set-fee and hourly rate?

      With a set-fee, we look at the desired goal and propose an all-inclusive fee to cover a proposed schedule of activities and allocated time. The set-fee is always less costly than if the same services were charged for at the standard rates.

      With the set-fee option, however, the entire amount is payable in advance and with the standard rates, a retainer (which will be calculated at time of consultation) will be required.

      How long does it take to...?

      Generally, we try to have a 0-3 day turnaround to completion for most files, where this is possible (document service, field visits, etc...) but otherwise, we try to ensure that files are completed within 5-7 days at latest. Obviously, this may not be possible for complex investigations or ongoing surveillance operations.

      Normally, we are able to begin work on your case either on the same or next day.

      We do offer URGENT and PRIORITY options for most cases where your job must be done:

      Urgent (same day) - 100% additional surcharge - we will work exclusively on your file until completed.
      Priority (within 48 hours) - 50% additional surcharge - your file is placed at front of queue (excluding URGENT files)

      Why do you need 2 or more people on a surveillance job? Is this just a ploy to charge more?

      Apart from the practical aspects of trying to surveil a mobile target (who may, or may not, be surveillance-aware and actively attempting to counter any surveillance), there is also the matter of keeping a surveillance log while simultaneously driving and/or watching out for traffic etc.

      A single operator is simply not an effective way of successfully conducting a surveillance, not to mention also increases not just the likelihood of failure but also that of being burned (ie detected) and thereby compromising the ongoing investigation entirely.

      Who are some of your previous or current clients...?

      Just like we will not divulge your identity to potential future clients, that of our current or previous clients will remain confidential.

      Nonetheless, we have worked on behalf of a diverse group of clientele including: 
      • International financial institutions
      • Domestic banks and financial institutions
      • International companies
      • Nationwide companies
      • Local businesses 
      • Barristers & Solicitors 
      • Individuals

      Why are you charging me when you were unable to..?

      You are paying for our time, expertise, and effort and not the end result of the investigation. Sadly, we cannot guarantee the result of any investigation as so much lies outside of our control. However, we do guarantee that we will apply ourselves to the task with the utmost professionalism and dedication. 

      Can you provide door staff for a 21st/party/bar/private event..?


      * Pricing is indicative only and may be subject to change. However, you will be apprised of current charges at time of consultation.