Monday, January 25, 2016

Infidelity aka 'Cheating Spouse' Investigations

Taken from 'Fallen Angel' (1945)

One of the enduring stereotypes of the work Private Investigators usually undertake is that of the 'cheating spouse' or infidelity investigation. This type of enquiry is often referred to as the less emotive 'peace of mind investigation'.

So what does it really mean?

When someone contacts us in regards to investigating the activities of their spouse or partner, the most obvious casualty in the relationship is trust. They simply can no longer trust their partner nor believe what they have been told in regards to their activities.

While one specific incident might trigger the Client's desire for action, there have usually been a number of warning signs.

While lists of 'signs' abound on the internet, some are held to be common in infidelity:
  1. Paranoia and possessiveness around their mobile phone. The phone may be locked to stop prying eyes and it will usually be kept on or near them at all times. 
  2. Increased need for privacy. Usually they will leave the room to make or receive calls.
  3. A change in routine. A development in new interests, a sudden desire to get fit, acting in a way that would have previously been out of character.  
Despite what signs may or may not be evident, the most important factor is the Client's sense that something is amiss.

So what can we do?

Typically, the bulk of an investigation revolves around covert physical surveillance on the Subject at times where they are suspected to have an opportunity to carry out any illicit activities. The physical surveillance may be augmented with electronic methods, such as GPS tracking, where allowed.*

Ideally, we seek to provide concrete evidence of the activities of the Subject in the form of photographs or video footage for the Client.    

How much will this cost?

Surveillance is a time-consuming process. Best results are achieved with a team approach, rather than a single investigator. There is preparation and planning, as well as post-investigative reporting to consider.

We are happy to provide a set-fee cost of $2495.00 (inc GST)** that includes up to 20 hours active surveillance time with 2 operators, a written report within 15 days, and a DVD of any photographs and/or video obtained.

Call us to discuss further, in confidence.

0800 555 795

* We are bound by a Code of Conduct that stipulates the use of surveillance devices.
** Set-fee pricing does not include extraordinary expenses incurred such as out-of-town travel etc. $1295 to be paid in advance and remainder on completion.