Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Man loses $100,000 in Online Romance Scam

A Northern Southland man is $100,000 poorer after being scammed on an online dating site.

Senior constable Adam Roberts, of Riversdale, said the middle-aged man had been communicating with a woman face to face over the internet for some time.

He had met her on an online dating site and she had built a sophisticated cover story during that time.

"It took three to four months before there was any talk about money from her."

"The woman had provided an address where she lived in Dunedin and had shown him her New Zealand passport when they talked online."

The man later discovered the woman had never lived at that address and her cover story didn't check out, he said.

"The passport was obviously a fake and you can go online and look at an address, which means you can even describe to someone what the outside of that house looks like."

"I'd say that's what happened here."

The man had parted with $100,000 before alarm bells started ringing.

"The amounts started off small and got bigger and bigger."

"The reason why I'm involved is when he stopped paying her, she used his bank account to try and scam a third party in the North Island."

It was only then the man realised that her cover story did not check out.

"She even provided a letter on Westpac Bank letterhead proving she had a New Zealand bank account."

The woman has now disappeared and is "completely untraceable," he said.

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