Friday, October 16, 2015

Canterbury Police to scrap Fraud Squad

Police plan to scrap the specialist squad that investigates fraud in Christchurch, despite an increase in white-collar crime post-quake.

The Police Association says the proposed move is a major blow to the public who will shy away from reporting dodgy dealings because "there will be no one to report it to".

Canterbury district crime manager Detective Inspector Tom Fitzgerald said the changes being considered would "ensure we are delivering the best service to victims of fraud".

Police planned to merge the fraud squad, a detective sergeant and five staff, with the metro crime squad, which has 50 investigators.

"This proposed change would see fraud prioritised and investigated alongside other crime types," Fitzgerald said.

"The Canterbury fraud squad has done an excellent job of dealing with fraud complaints. However, the CIB leadership team believes that the capacity available to the metro crime squad will result in efficiencies in investigation times and allocation of resources."

Police Association president Greg O'Connor said he believed the move was fuelled by tighter budget constraints, which had forced police to focus resources on more serious crime.
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If you have concerns that your fraud complaint is not being dealt with in a timely manner by the Christchurch Police, please do not hesitate to contact us directly to discuss. We may be able to undertake enquiries on your behalf and prepare a file for prosecution. Call us, in confidence, on 021 797 795 or email us here.