Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Man loses $100,000 in Online Romance Scam

A Northern Southland man is $100,000 poorer after being scammed on an online dating site.

Senior constable Adam Roberts, of Riversdale, said the middle-aged man had been communicating with a woman face to face over the internet for some time.

He had met her on an online dating site and she had built a sophisticated cover story during that time.

"It took three to four months before there was any talk about money from her."

"The woman had provided an address where she lived in Dunedin and had shown him her New Zealand passport when they talked online."

The man later discovered the woman had never lived at that address and her cover story didn't check out, he said.

"The passport was obviously a fake and you can go online and look at an address, which means you can even describe to someone what the outside of that house looks like."

"I'd say that's what happened here."

The man had parted with $100,000 before alarm bells started ringing.

"The amounts started off small and got bigger and bigger."

"The reason why I'm involved is when he stopped paying her, she used his bank account to try and scam a third party in the North Island."

It was only then the man realised that her cover story did not check out.

"She even provided a letter on Westpac Bank letterhead proving she had a New Zealand bank account."

The woman has now disappeared and is "completely untraceable," he said.

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If you have concerns about a person you have met via an online dating service, please contact us in confidence on 0800 555 795 (+64 21 797 795) to discuss. 

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Thursday, November 5, 2015

New Surveillance Package Options

In order to provide some certainty in regards to billing expectation for services, we have some new set-price options for your surveillance needs. All prices include GST. Note, the term 'day', refers to 8 hours of surveillance time in total, which may be split into smaller increments as necessary pertaining to your particular operational requirements, day or night.

These packages should suits most clients' needs, however, we can tailor a custom package to meet your specific requirements if these do not suit.

These options are for surveillance operations in Christchurch only. We can discuss your requirements if needed in another location in New Zealand.

Option 1: One Day Surveillance Package

1 or 2 operators. 
Cost: $995.00 (1 operator) or $1295.00 (2 operators)
Terms of engagement: 1 operator: $500.00 paid in advance; 2 operators: $700.00 paid in advance. Remainder paid on completion. Final report to client with 30 days of engagement. 

This option is suitable for simple surveillance tasks, such as following a spouse over several evenings or an employee throughout a day's work. 

Option 2: Two Day Surveillance Package

2 operators. 
Cost: $1995.00 
Terms of engagement: $1000.00 paid in advance, remainder on completion. Final report to client within 30 days of engagement.

Where several evenings or one full day is not sufficient for your particular needs. 

Option 3: Three Day Surveillance Package

2 operators.
Cost: $2995.00
Terms of engagement: $1500.00 paid in advance, remainder on completion. Final report to client with 30 days of engagement. 

For more complex engagements, or multiple subjects of surveillance.

Contact us on 0800 555 795 to discuss further, in confidence.  

Friday, October 16, 2015

Canterbury Police to scrap Fraud Squad

Police plan to scrap the specialist squad that investigates fraud in Christchurch, despite an increase in white-collar crime post-quake.

The Police Association says the proposed move is a major blow to the public who will shy away from reporting dodgy dealings because "there will be no one to report it to".

Canterbury district crime manager Detective Inspector Tom Fitzgerald said the changes being considered would "ensure we are delivering the best service to victims of fraud".

Police planned to merge the fraud squad, a detective sergeant and five staff, with the metro crime squad, which has 50 investigators.

"This proposed change would see fraud prioritised and investigated alongside other crime types," Fitzgerald said.

"The Canterbury fraud squad has done an excellent job of dealing with fraud complaints. However, the CIB leadership team believes that the capacity available to the metro crime squad will result in efficiencies in investigation times and allocation of resources."

Police Association president Greg O'Connor said he believed the move was fuelled by tighter budget constraints, which had forced police to focus resources on more serious crime.
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If you have concerns that your fraud complaint is not being dealt with in a timely manner by the Christchurch Police, please do not hesitate to contact us directly to discuss. We may be able to undertake enquiries on your behalf and prepare a file for prosecution. Call us, in confidence, on 021 797 795 or email us here.

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Office administrator allegedly stole $107,000 from rebuild firm

A 40-year-old office administrator charged with stealing $107,445 from a Christchurch rebuild firm has been granted a registrar's remand without plea at the Christchurch District Court.

Katrina Leigh Leoni did not need to appear before a judge when the registrar remanded her on bail to August 13 to get legal advice.

The charge alleges the offending took place over more than two years from November 2012 to January 2015.

She is charged with theft by failing to account for the $107,445 cash.

It is understood that the victim of the alleged theft is a company, which supplies concrete and contracting services for the rebuild.

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Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Office manager jailed for $200,000 fraud

A Canterbury business owner is warning others to protect themselves from fraud after his office manager was jailed for stealing nearly $200,000 from the company over five years.

Gillian Budge was sentenced by Judge Jane Farish in the Christchurch District Court on Tuesday to two years and eight months in prison after pleading guilty to a representative charge of theft by a person in a special relationship.

Budge admitted stealing $196,742.22 from Christchurch-based Southern Engineering Solutions while working as the company's office manager.

The money was taken by transferring funds to two BNZ credit cards in more than 60 separate transactions between December 2008 and 2013.

Company owner Warren Rice said he discovered the offending when Budge - who had worked for the company for more than 10 years - went on leave in August 2013 and his wife, Chantel, filled in for her.

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