Monday, December 12, 2011

Corporate Counter-Espionage

One area of particular interest to us at Cabal Investigations is that of Corporate or Industrial Espionage inside New Zealand. While, at face value, it seems unlikely that businesses here are at risk, the reality is significantly at odds with this perception.

If your company possesses proprietary information (such as sensitive financial data, specific trade processes, research reports, and various intellectual property etc) that is not in the public domain, then there is a very real risk to you.

Cabal Investigations has recently become involved with several  local SMEs who had become victim of Corporate Espionage. The financial loss to each business, while difficult to quantify, probably ran to the millions of dollars.

In the case of Company A, a highly trusted manager had, over the course of several months, been copying sensitive documents which he provided to a local competitor. This had an immediate effect on national sales as the competitor had access to client lists, pricing information, tender applications, and cost of manufacturing.

In Company B, an employee stole their entire client database which was provided to a new startup company (headed by a relative of the employee), allowing the start-up to directly approach Company B's current clients.

We believe that Corporate Espionage is a widely misunderstood and generally under-reported phenomenon in New Zealand and seek to provide specific Counter-Espionage Services including;

  • Vulnerability Assessment / Threat Identification
  • Covert Physical and Technical Surveillance operations
  • Forensic data examination & analysis
  • Technical Surveillance Countermeasures (ie 'debugging')
  • Counter-surveillance operations
  • Anti-surveillance training
We are able to provide these services throughout New Zealand (and to NZ businesses abroad).

If you have any concerns, contact us on 0800 366 989.