Thursday, September 8, 2011

An offer you can't refuse...

We know that things are a little tight right now, six months after the February quakes. Christchurch is slowly pulling itself together but many individuals and businesses are feeling the pressure, financially.

There has been a noticeable decline in new cases from Christchurch clients. We attribute this to a degree of financial uncertainty and, in the face of long waits for insurance payouts, a general lack of disposable income. Hiring a private investigator may be seen as a 'luxury' whose cost is difficult to justify.

To help encourage potential Christchurch (and Canterbury) clients, on whose business we also rely, Cabal Investigations will reduce our investigative rates* by 20%, effective from Friday 09 September to Saturday 08 October 2011.

There is no catch or gimmick. You just have to be a Christchurch- or Canterbury-based client and mention that you saw this offer on our website, Twitter, or our Facebook page.

There's no time like the present, call us on 0800 366 989 today to discuss your case in confidence, or email us instead.

* Investigative Rates refer to our standard hourly rates for investigations and surveillance and not set fees such as for document service.