Sunday, February 27, 2011

Limited Emergency Services Resume

From mid-afternoon Monday 28 February, Cabal Investigations will be operating as best we can, offering limited services in the interim.

Please note that our offices sustained substantial damage in the 22 February earthquake as we were located in the CBD. We currently have access to very limited resources and do not know when this is likely to change.

We have NO access to any files, either electronic or physical, we were working on prior to the quake.

It is anticipated that it may be several months before we will be allowed back into our offices to retrieve equipment and files, if at all. However, we may have a better idea as to this next week as we understand building owners may be allowed back in the CBD then.

Our phone lines are currently diverting to mobile and we are able to send and receive email.

The services we are most likely to be able to offer out of town clients is performing welfare checks on family and friends, or assisting individuals or families leaving Christchurch.

For all enquiries, please contact us on:

0800 366 989 (within New Zealand)


+64 3 366 6987 (International).

Our fax line has changed to a virtual one: 03 929 0085 or +64 3 929 0085 (Int.)

As mail is being redirected our postal address remains:

PO Box 22-501
High Street
If you require an address for courier deliveries, please contact us directly.

Thank you for your ongoing support.